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A Night To Honor Israel DVD

Get your copy of The Night To Honor Israel DVD with special guest Pastor David Jeremiah. As Christians, we have the wonderful privilege and sacred responsibility to declare our love and support for the nation of Israel and the Jewish people. They are the apple of God’s eye! It is just that simple. Israel’s welfare is the church’s warfare.

We must rise with one voice and declare that the hatred of the Jewish people will not be tolerated in our streets, in our schools, in our states, in our churches, in our nation and in our politics.

Get your copy today of the 2016 Night to Honor Israel.  Your support sets you apart as one who loves Israel and her people. Request your copy now!

The 90 Degree Project

How will we respond? Is there a way out, a path forward. Yes there is! The Bible tells us that the way forward is through broken hearts and bended knees. It is time for the church to pray like never before.

Take the next 91 days and join with us as we unify around the theme of prayer on behalf of our nation. We will call upon the God of heaven to heal our land, guide our people and restore our beloved America.

There is only one thing that can save us and that is a third great awakening. The 90 Degree Project is just such an initiative to mobilize the church to pray and seek the face of God. We hope you will join us in this initiative.

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A Note From Pastor Jay…

It has been said that man can live without food for 40 days and water for 3 days but he cannot live without hope for one moment.  Whether that is true or not, I do not know but what I am sure of is that life is miserable without hope for a better tomorrow.

Hope becomes the fuel that ignites our dreams, our relationships, and our tomorrows.  Hope is what gets us up in the morning and causes us to do the things we do because we believe that things will get better.

 Hope 4 You was founded so we could remind you that no matter what you are going through, there is always hope. Don’t give up; don’t throw in the towel.  With Jesus, all things are possible!

Romans 15:13 says, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him.”

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