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Over time my inbox had become inundated with emails from companies, organizations, and even ministries who wanted my “business”.  It probably happens to you too.

I fell into a rut of constantly deleting large amounts of emails everyday. Sure, sometimes I would open a few emails before deleting them, but the volume of emails finally became too much for me that last week that I went on a mission – a mission to unsubscribe.

Now, let me just say, unsubscribing is not as easy as you’d think, and there’s more to unsubscribe from than you’d think. I’d thought there were only a few companies, organizations, and ministries that I felt it was time to unsubscribe to… but no, there were a ton of them. I had become so used to seeing all the “junk” and hitting delete that it had became part of my daily routine. However, when I went to unsubscribe, I realized, “WHOA… this is a huge task!”

Why did I feel the need to unsubscribe? Clutter. My life was feeling cluttered by all that unwanted information. Plus, the senders were all asking me for something! I get it. Companies need business, organizations need participants, and ministries need donors, but why did all of them need it from me? It’s not that I don’t want to do business with people, participate in important events, or even donate to ministries that God has given me a heart for, because I do. But the time had come when the requests and updates were too much, and I had to begin the difficult process of unsubscribing. It was just too much. Did I say it was too much?

See, unsubscribing is difficult because unsubscribing was designed to be difficult. Usually, you have to scroll to the very bottom of an email and look closely to find the button to unsubscribe. It’ll probably look something like this:

Can you see the unsubscribe link way down there in small print? I know, right? It’s hard to find and hard to see. Why? The senders don’t want you to find it. They don’t want to lose you.  And after you click to unsubscribe, there’s another click or two to finalize it. That may seem like it’s not a big deal until you need to do it about 100 times. Then it’s quite the process.

What do you need to unsubscribe from? What is cluttering your life?  What is vying for your attention and taking your time and energy that could be better served in other areas? Is it time to unsubscribe?  How is your schedule impacted by how much time you’re watching TV or surfing social media? Can you even consider unsubscribing from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for a season to simply give attention to the more important things? Are there apps that you use that are really using you? Maybe it’s time to unsubscribe.

Maybe it’s time to look even further than the obvious choices of TV and social media. Are you being robbed of precious time and energy in other areas of your life? How much time with God and your family are you sacrificing without even realizing it? What opportunities are you missing to serve others and use your God-given gifts? It’s time to say once and for all, “I’m updating my preferences and I unsubscribe.” It’s an arduous process, but I know you’ll find it’s well worth it.

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